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Obtained ISO14001 certificate

Attitude for Environment

  • Our management mission is also focused on observing environmental issues with our slogan "Friendly manufacturing to earth and human".
    • This activity started December of 2007( Environment committee organized).
    • ISO14001 certificate was obtained in July 2008.

What is ISO14001 ?

ISO14001 is the environmental specification for the continous systematic execution of environmental management system of organization, production and service achieving to reduce the environmental load.

Environment Mission

We contribute the economic growth engaging tooling business based on the principle management idea of environmental commitment through the mind of
"Friendly production to earth and human"
in harmonizing with nature and local society.

Environment Policy

  • Reduction of natural resource & energy and observation of segregated disposal & recycle.
  • Design and production of toolings which are environment friendly.
  • Keeping the environment rules and prevention of environmental contamination in cooperation with our local community.
  • Setting our goals and repetition of evaluation.
  • Evaluation of environmental system and continuation of improvement.

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