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Company History

October 1948Founded as a producer of plastic toolings in Meguro ward in Tokyo.

December 1955Established Hokushin Mold Engineering, a limited liability company with Meguro Tokyo plant and Kawasaki Plant as headquarters

July 1962New headquarters built and started.

March 1966New organization, Hokushin Mold Engineering, Co. Ltd. established.

November 1972milling cutter, 3 dimentional digital axis coordinater and computers installed.

November 1977Capital increased to 30,000,000 JPY

March 1983Installed CAD/CAM systems in order to meet complexed tooling structures, shorten leadtime and rapid engineering innovations such as analysis of 3 dimentional free surfaces.

April 1984Built new plant in Izumi Industrial District in Shirone-city in Niigata prefecture.
Developed original CAD/CAM/CAMM systems with cooperation of Tokyo Seimitsu and C.V in USA.

December 1989Moved hearquarters to current site.

July 2003Established finishing plant additionally.

October 2003Installed 1,300t molding machine in order to beef up quality structure.

July 2008Obtained ISO14001:2004 certificate.

October 200860 years anniversary

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