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Privacy Policy


  • Hokushin Mold Engineering,co.ltd."hereafter call the company" would not disclose any customer's private information to the third party without getting prior approval.

    In addition, the company would not provide the traders concerned with customer's private information without prior notice.

Execution of Safety Control Measures

  • The company executes Safety Control Measures partly and/or entirely with systematic, humanic and physical manners if necessary in accordance with the gideline stipulated by the Ministry of Economy in Japan.

    In the same time the company prevents illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration and/or leakage of private infomation, the company makes utmost efforts to act quickly and adequately by conserving the evidence based on the creation of tracking system in the case problems occur.

Inquiry to :

  • If you have any complaint and/or question to us regarding private informatin data, procedure of its disclosure and its commission, send us e-mail with your name, address and your e-mail address.

    We use your private infomation only for the restricted purpose to reply back to you.
    We may contact you first asking question to identify yourself who hold the private information before we reply back to you.

    〈Inquiry to :〉
    Hokushin Mold Engineering, Co. Ltd.
    651-1,Izumi,Minami-ku,Niigata-city,Niigata JAPAN
    TEL 025-373-3137 FAX 025-3137-1218

Disclose of Private Information

  • We would not disclose and/or transfer the private information that customers provide except below mentioned cases :
    • In the case of customers approval.
    • In the case of official and legal inquiry from public organization such as courthouse and/or Police.
    • In the case of emergency jeopardizing human life and property.
    • In the case of necessity protecting our rights, property and service.

Change of Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy listed in our site is subject to change based on the change of service content without notice.
    Please refer to our updated privacy policy you can find in our site.

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